Why Hire Our Firm?

In all the years of handling insurance claims for both the insurance industry and representing the Insured as a public insurance adjuster, I have found that most adjusters are either overworked, under qualified or suffer from a combination of both. Depending on whether your carrier sends out a salaried employee or assigns your claim to an independent adjuster, it is likely that your adjuster won’t even have access to your insurance policy.

Independent Adjusters

Independent adjusters are used when your insurance company is to small to have a claims office located where you live. What this means is that your independent adjuster probably does not know what your insurance policy covers. Your independent adjuster most likely will not have any authority on your claim and will only assist your company in making a decision. This will result in someone making a decision on your claim knowing that they will never have to face you and tell you the bad news if your claim is denied or there is not enough coverage.

State laws

State insurance departments have enacted protective measures safeguarding the policy holder. If your insurance company is not domiciled in your state of residence, it is easy to overlook the state requirements. This most often manifests in a reduction of your actual payment. This also restricts your ability to file a complaint with the department of insurance in your home state.

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